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Boson Mount for Mavic & Mavic AIR 
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Mavic 2 Zoom Thermal

We are the world's leaders in building custom solutions for drone thermal vision since the very beginning of the whole industry. Our mission is to make drone thermal vision systems become more and more convenient and useful in the actual applications and become versatile to be used independently of a drone. The first part is to allow users to have all the attention on the actual job itself but not the technicality of the thermal system, increasing work efficiency. The second is to allow the thermal system to be conveniently transferred to other platforms than a drone, increasing the utility and the return on investment (smart Utilization of Assets for sUAS).

sUAS is also the industry's standard term for drone. sUAS = small unmanned aircraft system or small unmanned aerial system as defined by the FAA and adopted by the industry. We are sUAS and sUAS is us.

Talk to us so we can understand your actual needs for your jobs so we can custom tweak or build the systems that are perfect for yours. 


7040 Virginia Manor Road

Beltsville, MD 20705

Tel.: (855) 303-6789

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