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3-Axis Gimbal for FLIR Boson 640/320 on DJI Mavic Pro Now Possible! Change Color Palette on-the-fly

You know the Youtube video cover picture is just to make it look funny. But this is not a joke, it's a reality (except that the gimbal is NOT that huge, but a tiny one like below:

This is a 3-axis gimbal + control + video downlink system for your FLIR Boson 320 or 640 (14mm) for them to be carried by a DJI Mavic Pro/Platinum, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2, Matrice 210, 600... and other drones.

A few months earlier, we made a video to show you how to turn a DJI Mavic into a thermal drone using the tiny little camera by FLIR, the FLIR Boson. Since then we have updated the system called VuIR Boson for it to work on the DJI Mavic Air as well. Now the VuIR Boson works on anything from DJI Mavic Air to Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro Platinum, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2, Matrice 210...

Because it is a very cost effective, convenient, quick and lightweight package, we made some choice to make this happen and is a fixed mount system. So the advantage is you will have more flight time but the drawback is you will experience shakings.

For that we have tried to improve upon and had searched for a 3-axis gimbal to stabilize the Boson camera. Most gimbal available on the market are too big to even fit on the Mavic, let alone adding anything else. So the only way out is we have to build it from ground up ourselves. And today I'm very happy to announce that it is now a reality. Introducing the VuIR Touch B for the FLIR Boson on Mavic, it is not only a 3-axis gimbal but also a complete control + video system as well. It comes with a Touchscreen controller to control everything of the gimmera intuitively.

Like any VuIR gimmeras released previously for FLIR Vue Pro, Tau 2, Duo, Duo Pro R..., VuIR Touch B for Boson also comes with its own battery so it will be self-powered, self-contained and does not rely on any external power source. The drone is just literally the vehicle to carry it, but it will function without a drone, so you can mount it any where, like a ground vehicle, or handhold it. The VuIR Touch B (VTB) is equipped with Quick-release mechanism so you can quickly mount and unmount it from a drone or a ground vehicle or a holder quickly without any hassle.

The previous product, VuIR Boson with fixed mounting, does not have the ability to control and change the settings of the Boson on-the-literal-fly for cost saving reason (mentioned above). But not any more with this VuIR Touch B: it will control and change color palettes of the Boson in real time. All 10 color palettes are displayed as buttons on the Touch Controller Monitor so you will have a great idea of what a palette will look like before you change to it: WYSWYG - what you see is what you'll get. This makes it so intuitive for you to control the Boson. You can also do digital zoom, do FFC, change gain mode.... Actually there are virtually no function of the Boson that we can't control: and we are always developing new feature to add these control in the future. So please if you think you will need any of the other features of the Boson not mentioned here, please talk to us and we will develop it for you.

The Boson does not come with any DVR, so we have also incorporated a DVR into the body that will record video on to an SD Card. With the touch of a button on the Touchscren Controller (TC), you can start/stop video recording. And we even developped a menu for the DVR on the TC: you will be able to review the previously recorded videos without having to plug the SD card into your computer, access the settings of DVR to change language, recording quality, video mode (NTSC/PAL), and much more.

Of course you will be able to control the tilt and pan of the gimbal using the TC.

The nice thing about the VuIR Touch B is it can operate in the inverted mode (for DJI Mavic) and the upright mode (for Phantom 4 Pro and other drones). You can totally flip it upside down or right side up and it will work for you. So truly you can move from one drone to another easily.

Did we mention it yet? It of course has a built-in 5.8ghz analog video downlink, which will transmit the video signal live to your ground monitor for viewing in real time. The transmitter has a lot of channels to switch around and its output power is adjustable from 0.01mw up to 600mw. So you can use a power saving mode with lower output power or you can extend the flight range with a more powerful output.

There is also a nice holder to mount everything: the usual iPhone/iPad for viewing the 4K video from the DJI camera, the Monitor for viewing the Thermal video from the Boson and the Touchscreen controller of the VTB on the very DJI controller. So you have everything in your hand to fly, have dual visions (thermal and daylight, or IR and EO (electro-optical)) and controls to fly.

You could also upgrade to have high-gain antenna that will significantly extend the range and/or quality of the video feed.

Please leave any comments or questions below. We will be more than happy to answer you. Also check out our website at, call us 855-937-1827 or email us and we would be delighted to help you build a right package for you.