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A very cost effective Zenmuse XT alternative: VuIR Tab HD with Geotagging

So you have been considering the famous DJI Zenmuse XT thermal imaging gimbal-camera (gimmera) for a while but still have not pulled the trigger yet because it's so over the budget? (The 336 Zenmuse XT costs around $7000 and the Zenmuse XT 640 radiometric version costs around $14,000+.) Or is it because you really want the Zenmuse XT to work on the Phantom 4 Pro (one of the world's most popular drones) or the Inspire 2, which is not the case in reality? Having the ability for something like a Zenmuse XT to work on a Phantom 4 Pro is another way to cut a lot of cost. Not only that, if a smaller drone can carry the XT, it would be much easier for your jobs as you would not have to carry too much of weight every time you need carry out your jobs. Unfortunately, DJI has never thought that way.

So what can you do about these to save a lot of costs and get your business or SAR mission to take off with something like a Zenmuse XT on a Phantom 4 Pro?

Fortunately, we got your back. It is definitely a reality now: the VuIR Tab HD with Geotagging for Phantom 4 Pro (and Inspire 2, and Inspire 1 and other drones). It is truly a cost-saving alternative for the Zenmuse XT that no other even comes close.

VuIR Tab HD works for FLIR Vue Pro, FLIR Tau, Boson, Duo to integrate them conveniently on the Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 1, Inspire 2 or any other drones out there of the size and power of a Phantom 4 Pro or better. The reason why VuIR Tab HD is so close to the Zenmuse XT is that it has an integrated HD Digital video downlink, and you can view the thermal video feed on a tablet App that also controls the gimbal and all the settings of the cameras: just like the DJI Go App for Zenmuse XT. Everything feels so direct, easy and intuitive at your fingertip. Whenever you want to tilt or pan the camera, just touch the screen and move the image. Or if you want to change color palettes or do digital zoom of thermal vision footage, just touch and change the slider.

Pricing is a great plus for the VuIR Tab HD: only $2999 + price of the cameras ($2199 for Vue Pro 336 and $4699 for the high-end Vue Pro 640 Radiometric). This means you are saving up to $7000 over a Zenmuse XT.

Another great advantage is that, VuIR Tab HD, similar to the analog version VuIR Touch Pro, is a complete self-powered system, which is not a feature of Zenmuse XT. That means it has its own batteries and it will function even without a drone. That means you can truly easily transfer from one drone to another, or even attach it to a grip to hold it in your hand for close-up ground inspections. This is also possible thanks to its unique quick release mechanism.

For those who need geotagging thermal pictures (saving GPS coordinates, altitude... and other GPS info onto the pictures as metadata - EXIF data), the great news is that now VuIR Tab HD has this function. Upon request, for each VuIR Tab HD purchase, there is included one Geotagger module (free of charge for now) so you could conveniently do geotagging. This is great when you need to do 3D mapping with softwares like Pix3D, Dronedeploy, Sitescan... Imagine that you just need a Phantom 4 Pro, have HD digital thermal video feed, an all-in-one control app on the tablet, and Geotagging functionality for thermal mapping...! That would be a great system to have. No, you don't have to imaging any more. It's is here as a reality with our VuIR Tab HD with GPS geotagging.

The below table summarizes the points we have just made.

VuIR Tab HD	Zenmuse XT 		 HD Digital Video	Yes	Yes All in one App	Yes	Yes Easy to control	Yes	Yes Works on Phantom 4/Inspire 2	Yes	NO Easy to switch frome drone to drone	Yes	Yes, but only a few drones Works on any drone P4P or better	Yes	NO Can be handheld	Yes	NO Self-powered	Yes	NO Split screen for EO/IR visions	Yes	NO Adjust Isotherm	N/A	Yes Advanced controls	FLIR UAS App	Yes Prices	Max $7,000	Max $14,500 GPS Geotagging	YES	not heard of?

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