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An economy version for thermal geotagging - the sUAS Geotagger

We have finally released an economy version for thermal geotagging - the sUAS Geotagger

A GPS + processing module for geotagging your thermal images taken with FLIR Vue Pro Thermal camera.

It has an SD card slot for logging the GPS information as text file for easy human reading BESIDES sending the same GPS information via MAVLink to Vue Pro for saving the geotag as metadata with the thermal images.

This is good for Pix4D, DroneDeploy or any other thermal mapping software.

It has - Built-in 7-pin plug for 4 PWM channels of Vue Pro (2 of which are used for geotagging) and PWM 3 and PWM 4 are free to use for 2 functions, like Camera trigger (recording, taking pictures..) and change color palettes. - PWM3 & PWM4 plugs are regular female servo plugs - Built-in USB plug for powering and analog video output (regular servo plug out) - Built-in red JST 2-pin plug for input power: 7V-21V (Requires a power source (7V-21V) to function.) - Built-in LED for GPS satellites indication: RED-BLUE-GREEN (GREEN is great connection).

Just plug and play. Good for any drone or others.

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