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Finally an all-in-one solution for Duo Pro R on Inspire 2 is here

We have engineered the next edition of the well received VuIR Tab HD Thermal vision system for drone: This edition is specifically for Duo Pro R, the biggest and best thermal camera for drone sUAs by FLIR. It is a complete self-powered self-contained gimbal+camera+control+video link system to conveniently integrate a thermal camera onto your drone.

VuIR Tab HD for FLIR Duo Pro R on Inspire 2 - a self-powered gimmera system

The VuIR Tab HD gimmera (with Duo Pro R) is light enough to be carried by Inspire 2 and other drones, like Matrice 200, Matrice 210, Matrice 600 Pro and other drones.

The Duo Pro R thermal camera comes with it unique advanced features, like the MSX mode, that blends the visual video with the thermal video to make the blended video have more details that make it easy for operators to recognize in real time or even post processing. You can see the shirt pattern is visible in the picture below thanks for the MSX mode.

MSX mode in the FLIR Duo Pro R showing patterns of objects, such as the shirt

The VuIR Tab HD is part of the VuIR series for thermal cameras by FLIR to conveniently integrate them on DJI drones and other brands. "Convenient" because they will function on their own completely independent of the drone (that serve merely as a carrying vehicle) and can be attached/removed quickly to/from the drones thanks to our unique Quick release mechanism. The gimmera comes with its own batteries that will provide a run time for the gimbal of at least 40 minutes and could be as long as 1 hour. Also the gimmera will smartly sense the battery voltage level and will shut itself down when the voltage is too low to protect the batteries.

The above features make everything very easy and convenient for anyone to integrate a thermal camera onto their drone: just quickly install a mounting adapter on the drone (inspire 2) and that is all you will need to do, You will not have to modify the drone in anyway because that might damage it or void the warranty. Using our system gives you peace of mind on the aircraft.

Using the Inspire 2, one of the best and solid drones on the market - yet very affordable, to carry the VuIR Tab HD for Duo Pro R is a very reliable and economical solutions for Thermal Inspection, Thermal mapping, Search and Rescue SAR, Surveillance... Of course the sky is the limit and there are ultimate systems such as the Matrice 210 + Zenmuse XT2 - but the cost would be almost double of what you would spend on this solution.

VuIR Tab HD comes with an Android tablet + VuIR App for viewing live video feed and controlling the gimbal + the cameras very conveniently on the screen. One touch to reset gimbal, one touch to look straight down (great for Thermal Mapping). Tilting and panning by touching the video itself. You can assigned the other control buttons (PWM1, PWM2 & PWM3) to any of the 10 Functions of the Duo Pro R and easily change the settings on the fly. By factory default, you can change from EO to IR vision (and set up Picture-in-Picture mode) on PWM1, so we label it also as EO/IR. Or you can change color palettes, or start/stop video recording or take pictures.

We also provide a modified version of the GPS so that it has shorter cable and can be mounted conveniently and neatly on top of the Duo Pro R (the GPS reception might drop a tiny bit or none at all in exchange for a very tidy setup).

We make everything easy to use, quick to integrate and simple to unmount, so you could focus more on your actual jobs, making sure higher efficiency and better return on investment ROI.

VuIR Tab HD comes with a travel case so you can securely pack it when you need to travel.

We at have worked with all FLIR cameras for sUAS drones, from the tiny FLIR Boson to this Duo Pro R and anything in between. We have in-house engineering team to design and engineer systems that will fit your budgets and specific requirements of your jobs that are not easily found (if at all) anywhere else. Please talk to us if you need anything else.