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First few pictures of VuIR Tab HD for FLIR Duo Pro R on DJI Inspire 2

As promised earlier, we’re finalizing the next solution for the FLIR Duo Pro R the EO/IR camera  to work with DJI Inspire 2. 

The VuIR Tab HD smaller version for FLIR Vue Pro has been available for a while now and is being a hot sale. 

However the version for the bigger camera Duo Pro R requires significant upgrade for the hardware and gimbal. That was why it took some additional time. And now the first working version is ready for testing. 

The Tab HD comes with a tablet and an all-in-one App for viewing video and controlling gimmera (gimbal + camera). This system is independent of the internal lightbridge and DJI Go 4 app, which run in parallel with it. 

You can see the texture of the shirt being visible in all of the pictures thanks to the unique feature only available in the Duo Pro R: FLIR MSX blending mode. A feature not available even in the proposed Zenmuse XT2. 

Testing videos will be available shortly. 

If you have a request for any feature to be available in this solution, please comment. Thanks so much!

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