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How to add 8X Optical Zoom to your VuIR for Better Inspections and SAR?

By using up to 4 Bosons 640 Thermal Cameras Simultaneously!

Introducing VuIR Z20 with 6X-8X optical zoom.

VuIR Z20 - the Multi-boson thermal system for any drone!

We released an earlier version 2 years ago - and now we upgrade it to a whole new level.

(The previous video here:

The FLIR Vue TZ20 is a similar to product to ours, but THEY ARE 2 YEARS LATE! We do sell FLIR Vue TZ20 as well. Please check out our website

We agree the footage is a bit shaking when zoomed in. That is because we did the videos in a rush, and the gimbals were not well-tuned. We will retune the gimbals and publish new much smoother videos very soon. Please stay tuned!

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