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Is it possible: FLIR Duo Pro R on Phantom 4 Pro?

So you have seen us integrated the other cameras by FLIR: FLIR Tau 2, FLIR Vue, FLIR Vue Pro, FLIR Duo (the GoPro-lie camera) and FLIR Boson on the Phantom 4 or Phantom 4 Pro. These camera share a good feature: they are lightweight.

Now you might wonder, how about the FLIR Duo Pro R (a 350 gram camera - and not the GoPro-like FLIR Duo above)?

You have seen FLIR has been advertising it as a heavy camera fitted on a Gremsy T1 gimbal and carried by a DJI S1000 or Matrice 600 Pro, the heavy-lift drones. So is it ridiculous to even think about fitting it on the Phantom 4 again?

We we did it again! We did the the nearly impossible!

A whole system with touch screen controller to control 3 PWM channels of the Camera, video downlink for Duo Pro R

FLIR Vue Pro vs FLIR Duo Pro R

FLIR Duo Pro R vs the tiny FLIR Boson

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