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Phantom 3 Thermal with Smart Gimbal+control system

Now a Thermal Vision Phantom 3 featuring the VuIR Touch Standard thermal vision gimmera system with FLIR Vue Pro camera.

Here are some of a few pictures we got today. More to come soon.

Like a Phantom 2, you can fly a Phantom 3 without the DJI camera. So we thought to save weight, we removed the DJI gimmera and then installed our VuIR Gimmera to the same place. Now the Phantom 3 has one Thermal camera. This gives it a lot of advantages: 1) Less added weight -> lighter --> fly longer, or you have more room for other accessories, like an HD video downlink 2) The downward sensors are clear and still function normally when VuIR Touch is installed. 3) Better center of gravity --> Now the CG is closer to the center of the drone, making it fly better and more balanced.

Another reason why we need to move the VuIR gimmera to the front is because of the Phantom 3 compass, which is quite sensitive to any added metal or magnets to the sytem.

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