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The most advanced thermal dual camera system for drone (uas/uav) just released

FLIR has just released the FLIR Duo Pro R. It is a dual camera system, with a Thermal camera and a daylight (visible light) 4K camera next to each other, hence the name Duo. In fact previously, FLIR released the FLIR Duo camera with a similar setup. However, the FLIR Duo is just a beginner's camera with the configuration below what you could normal use for real works (the thermal core has only 168 resolution, while normally you would need twice as high - 320 or 336). The Duo Pro certainly fixed that issue with 2 'hi-res' configurations: 320 and 640. The R in the name means Radiometric/Radiometry. Radiometry means that you can take thermal pictures and all the information about the temperature of all the pixels will be saved. Later on you can process and read out the temperature for reports using software such as the FLIR Tools. Previously, a Tau 2 performance version has spot meter, but it will only read out the temperature at the middle spot in real time and the info will not be saved.

The Duo Pro also has GPS module for geo-tagging (for thermal mapping) and HDMI output.

Geo-tagging? If you already have a Tau 2 or a FLIR Vue Pro, then right now you could use our product VuIR Touch Pro gimbal system and it will add geotagging functionality without you having to upgrade to a Duo Pro.

Another great feature among other very good features is the MSX mode. MSX allows you to blend the Thermal and Visible visions together, making it extremely useful for inspection. You retain the best of the two: seeing the thermal images with sharper visions and with details that only a daylight camera can pick up. It has PWM controls to change color palettes, start/stop recording... and it has the usual FLIR UAS app to connect via bluetooth with a phone and change other settings. The PWM connection also allow you, talking about vision blending above, to see both visions at the same time as picture-in-picture mode or elect to use either of the visions at a time or use the blending mode.

The FLIR Duo Pro is expected to be released later of 2017. Pricing? It will probably start from $5199 for the Duo Pro 320. For the Duo Pro 640, we think it will add extra $2000+ or more, making it will probably start in the $7500+ range.

It is significantly bigger than the FLIR Vue Pro and perhaps will need a bigger gimbal than the current one of the VuIR Touch series. But we will come up with a solution really soon and will still hope to make a VuIR Touch system for the Duo Pro, and our big goal is to be able to make it small and lightweight enough to be mounted on an Inspire 2. Without these, it will require a significantly bigger drone than an Inspire 2, like the S900, S1000 or a Matrice 600 Pro, making it a significantly more expensive overall set-up. Our goal is also to make everything affordable while maintaining excellent support for a long time to come for you.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

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