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Thermal Mapping is so easy with VuIR Touch Pro Geo-tagging

Thermal mapping via Pix4D, DroneDeploy, SiteScan or a similar software can now be done so easily. All you need to have is drone like and Inspire 1 or Inspire 2. Then if you already have a FLIR Vue Pro, it's great. If you happen to own a good old FLIR Tau 2 and wonder how to geo-tag your thermal images, no problem. The VuIR Touch Pro will work with a Tau 2 or a FLIR Vue Pro and it has GPS geotagging functionality. Just plug and play, scan your sites and take several thermal pictures. Then you load them on a computer, run the Pix4D or similar software to stitch them together and you can build a (3D) thermal map of what you have just scanned. Maybe your building, your construction site, a solar panel complex, a bridge....

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