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Thermal Vision for DJI Mavic Air? Now a reality here!

It seems impossible to make the tiny drone by DJI, the Mavic Air, a thermal drone. It is really small and doesn't have a lot of space for attaching anything. However, it is a powerful drone compared to its size. So we have pushed the boundary further by engineering the very system for it, the VuIR Boson for Mavic Air. Yes, you may have heard it before, the VuIR Boson with FLIR Boson thermal imaging camera, which we created for the Mavic Air's bigger sibling: the Mavic or Mavic Pro. At the time we designed the original VuIR Boson for Mavic, nobody, except DJI Engineers, had any idea about the existence of the DJI Mavic Air, to release 3 months later.

But our unique design has allowed us to do a few small tweaks, and now the VuIR Boson (current version) works beautifully on the Mavic Air. Not only that, it does also work on the DJI Mavic, DJI Phantoms (Phantom 4 Pro), Inspire 1, Inspire 2, Matrice 210... you name it. It works also for a non-DJI drone, like the GDU O2 quadcopter. With this VuIR Boson, you will have a dual-vision drone (EO/IR drone) for SAR, inspections...

The VuIR Boson is truly a turnkey system for anyone to use: you just need to attach a little adapter on top of the Mavic Air/Mavic/GDU O2/Yuneec/Autel drone... an then you are good to go. The rest of the system will just slide in and snap into place. And removing it from the drone is also as equally easy: one tab to push up and slide it out. The Drone now can fit in its original bag or case as if there were nothing done to it. VuIR Boson has its own battery so you absolutely do not have to worry about opening up the drone to extract the power from it, a job that requires the skills of a very experienced drone technician and often will void the warranty on the drone itself. Having the video transmitter, the VuIR boson will transmit the live thermal imaging video from the FLIR boson down to the ground for live viewing. The onboard DVR remedies the shortcoming of the FLIR boson itself, and will record video onto an micro SD card for later reviews.

VuIR Boson can function on its own. So you can easily transfer it from the drone to the monitor and hold it in your hand to do close-up ground inspections of machines, building heat loss, or anything else you would like to do. You will feel as if you have a very expensive and powerful FLIR thermal camera (that usually costs more than $6000) with a 7 inch live view monitor.

The Mavic Air flies really well and has good flight time with VuIR Boson. Even in sport mode, the Mavic Air is really comfortable carrying the thermal vision system.

It is truly a very simple to use system for all situations, search and rescue, inspections...

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