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  • Supporting creators, professionals, enthusiasts, contractors, and first responders, EVO II is the tool that works as hard as you do. Designed with efficiency in mind, EVO II features three interchangeable cameras that can be swapped out in minutes by the user. Complete with an array of Intelligent Flight modes and the most comprehensive, user-friendly obstacle avoidance system ever developed, you are able to be fully immersed within any activity while capturing every second of it. Included with EVO II is a smart controller featuring a built-in 3.3-inch OLED display, eliminating the need for a mobile device. With four-hour battery life and an ergonomic, compact design, pilots can easily pack and fly on the go. The 1-inch sensor EVO II Pro camera captures 6K video up to 30fps. With an adjustable aperture from f/2.8 to f/11 and a max ISO of 12,800, pilots now have exceptional performance and flexibility in any shooting environment. Capture striking detail never is seen before in an aircraft of this size with the first8K drone camera on the planet. EVO features unmatched 8K video resolution up to 25fps and dynamic 48MP stills. Featuring high-resolution 8K and thermal imaging up to 640x512 made possible with the FLIR Boson sensor, EVO II Dual thrives in relaying the most critical information back to the pilot.2.4Ghz antennas for up to a 9km range and better reception in urban areasFlight times up to 40 minutes professional-grade shooting modes12 image sensors create a 3D world for omnidirectional obstacle avoidanceHighest resolution video available on any folding drone camera OPTIONSFEATURESAllows for the camera to be interchanged without replacing the entire system.  Only taking pre-orders now


    Aircraft Specifications
    Takeoff Weight 1127g (EVO II)
    1174g (EVO II Pro)
    1157g (EVO II Dual 320)
    1192g (EVO II Dual 640)
    Dimensions Folded:
    228*133*110 mm (length×width×height)
    424*354*110 mm (length×width×height)
    Diagonal Distance 397 mm
    Max Ascent Speed Standard mode: 5 m/s
    Ludicrous mode: 8 m/s
    Max Descent Speed Standard mode: 3 m/s
    Ludicrous mode: 4 m/s
    Max Speed (near sea level, no wind) Standard mode: 15 m/s
    Ludicrous mode: 20 m/s
    Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 7000 m
    Max Flight Time (no wind) 40 minutes
    Max Hovering Time (no wind) 35 minutes
    Max Flight Distance (no wind) 25 km
    Max Wind Speed Resistance Level 8
    Max Tilt Angle Standard mode: 28°
    Ludicrous mode:33°
    Max Angular Velocity 120°/s
    Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 40°C
    Operating Frequency 2.4~2.4835GHz
    Transmission Power (EIRP) 2.4~2.4835GHz
    FCC: ≤26 dBm
    ISED: ≤26 dBm
    CE: ≤20 dBm
    RCM: ≤20 dBm
    SRRC: ≤26 dBm 
    Hovering Accuracy Range Vertical:
    ± 0.02 m (when vision positioning is active)
    ± 0.2 m (with GPS positioning)
    ± 0.02 m (when vision positioning is active)
    ± 1.0 m (with GPS positioning)
    Internal Storage 8 GB
    SD Storage Standard: 32 GB, max. support 256GB

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