Aircraft Specifications
Takeoff Weight 1127g (EVO II)
1174g (EVO II Pro)
1157g (EVO II Dual 320)
1192g (EVO II Dual 640)
Dimensions Folded:
228*133*110 mm (length×width×height)
424*354*110 mm (length×width×height)
Diagonal Distance 397 mm
Max Ascent Speed Standard mode: 5 m/s
Ludicrous mode: 8 m/s
Max Descent Speed Standard mode: 3 m/s
Ludicrous mode: 4 m/s
Max Speed (near sea level, no wind) Standard mode: 15 m/s
Ludicrous mode: 20 m/s
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 7000 m
Max Flight Time (no wind) 40 minutes
Max Hovering Time (no wind) 35 minutes
Max Flight Distance (no wind) 25 km
Max Wind Speed Resistance Level 8
Max Tilt Angle Standard mode: 28°
Ludicrous mode:33°
Max Angular Velocity 120°/s
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 40°C
Operating Frequency 2.4~2.4835GHz
Transmission Power (EIRP) 2.4~2.4835GHz
FCC: ≤26 dBm
ISED: ≤26 dBm
CE: ≤20 dBm
RCM: ≤20 dBm
SRRC: ≤26 dBm 
Hovering Accuracy Range Vertical:
± 0.02 m (when vision positioning is active)
± 0.2 m (with GPS positioning)
± 0.02 m (when vision positioning is active)
± 1.0 m (with GPS positioning)
Internal Storage 8 GB
SD Storage Standard: 32 GB, max. support 256GB

EVO II Dual 640 Standard Rugged Bundle


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