New Version of September 2019: V2.0 with an upgraded HD Video Link (longer range, better signal) and a Professional Android App



What's included (everything you will need except the drone, tablet and FLIR camera)

- 3 axis gimbal + control system with

 + built-in HD digital video downlink

 + control wires for FLIR Vue Pro (or Boson in future version)

- HD video receiver (Ground unit)

- VuIR HD app for viewing and controlling thermal vision- Adapter system for your specific drone (one set included - If you have more than one drone to mount, then extra costs for any additional set)

- Adapter system to mount 1 smart phone (phone provided by you) and the Samsung Tab A tablet on your DJI drone controller for dual visions

- 4 batteries (gimbal uses 1 or 2 batteries at a time - we recommend using only 1 if used on Phantoms to save weight)

- 1 battery dual-charger

- Carrying case

Optional and NOT included (addable in options at extra costs):

- Drone itself 

- Android 8-11 inch tablet for running the apps

- FLIR Vue Pro or Boson

- High-end All-in-one Tablet for running two apps (DJI Go and VuIR HD) at the same time for viewing and controlling both thermal and daylight visions.

- Upgraded Premium Plastic



Now works for

Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+

Inspire 1/2

Matrice 100/200/210/600/600 pro

and can be Handheld

Turn yours into a powerful thermal vision drone.

Now More Versatile than any ever before 



Self-powered Thermal Gimmera System with Wearable Touch Screen controller for controlling all functions of the FLIR Vue Pro camera. Easy snap on and off. Dual Visions: Thermal and Visible.


VuIR Tab HD V2.0 with Digital Video Link - for Inspire 1/2/Matrice & others

$1,499.00 Regular Price
$1,399.00Sale Price
For What Drone
Bundle with FLIR Vue Pro - Save up to $400
  • sUAS VuIR Tab HD with digital video downlink and all-in-one app for viewing thermal video + controlling the camera at the same time

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