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As the next upgrade for VuIR Boson series, from the last VuIR Boson 2.0, we have now VuIR Boson 3.0


with (HD) Digital Thermal Video + Data Link system and 

3-axis Gimbal.


Comes with an all-in-one app, just like the VuIR Tab HD series, to view thermal video and control gimbal + camera at the same time.


Can do MSX effect with second app we have.


Check out the Video here: VuIR Boson 3.0 YouTube Intro Video


$1499 includes:

VuIR integration system

Batteries, charger, mounting harware, dual monitor mount...


meaning: EVERYTHING EXCEPT 1) Boson camera, 2) Android Tablet and 3) Drone.


You will just need a thermal camera (Boson) and provide an android tablet and Mavic 2 then everthing is good to go as in the video.

Again, Thermal Camera, drone and tablet are NOT included in the $1499 price.

VuIR Boson 3.0 - Digital Thermal Video System for Mavic 2

$1,499.00 Regular Price
$1,399.00Sale Price
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    sUAS LLC product (VuIR Series without the thermal cameras) comes with 6-month warranty.