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Now VuIR Boson 2.0 just released. Click HERE for VuIR Boson 2.0 with Palette change, Tilt, Zoom, FFC... on the fly


Product Page: https://www.suas.com/vuir-boson-for-mavic

Note: The lead time of this product is 1-2 weeks if purchased with a Boson


VuIR Boson for the Mavic 2, Mavic 1, Mavic Air, Phantom 4....:

sUAS Thermal Vision system for the DJI Mavic or Mavic Air featuring the FLIR Boson thermal camera.


Our design features the following:

- Self-contained complete system with own battery

- Works for Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro Platinum, Phantom, Inspire or any other drone: Transferrable from one drone to another very easily

- Can be attached to the monitor to make a hand-held system for close-up inspections of buildings, object, machines...
- Clear from All the DJI Sensors (front AND downward)! What a feat given the tiny little space the Mavic has!

- You will fly the Mavic with all of its sensors functioning normally

- No extra legs needed
- Lightweight system
- VERY Easy to remove and install
- Runs on its own battery -> No need to mess with Mavic
- Great for flying even indoors
- Dual Visions (DJI 4K and Thermal)
- Comes with its own Video Downlink for Boson (Thermal video monitor is OPTIONAL and not included unless added in the option with $150 extra)
- Built-in DVR for video recording

- Comes with a 8GB Micro SD card for onboard thermal video recording
- Tilt angle manually adjustable....

- Special VPC module for Boson: the VPC module provides power to the boson, connects video for real time viewing and connects the Boson to a computer for users to change the settings using FLIR Boson app (while the drone is on the ground and not flying)

First video here: https://youtu.be/p3nQ_CQ9oLc

Download the Boson GUI App here for changing color palettes and settings: 


What's included:

- The complete mounting system with

 + ONE adapter to be attached to the top of the Mavic 2, Mavic 1 or Mavic Air via strong double sided tape

 + Onboard DVR for recording

 + Onboard Video transmitter (5.8ghz)

 + Boson camera mount with Adjustable tilt angle

- 1 Micro SD card for recording (8GB)

- Special VPC module

- 1 VuIR Battery for operation

- 1 VuIR Battery Charger

- USB cable for Boson


Optional (Not included - Extra costs)

- Black Pearl Monitor for ground live thermal vision ($150 extra)

- Handle + mounting adapter for Black Pearl monitor for converting this to a handheld system

(FREE with the purchase of Black Pearl Monitor above)

- Dual Monitor mounting kit - the kit to mount both the Black Pearl Monitor and your Smartphone on the Mavic/Mavic Air/Phantom 4 Pro Controller for single operator mode (so you don't have to mount the Black Pearl monitor on a tripod)

- FLIR Boson (Starting at $1850 extra)

- DJI Mavic drone itself

- Mounting system for other drones (like Phantom, Inspire or other bigger drones)


VuIR Boson - Turnkey Thermal Vision System for DJI Mavic 2/Mavic 1/Mavic Air

SKU: VB0011
Ground Thermal Monitor
Extra VuIR batteries
FLIR Boson camera
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