This is the VuIR Lepton, the cheapest Thermal Vision System for drones and beyond: the VuIR Lepton featuring the FLIR Lepton 3.0 and 3.5. Everything including the camera, video TX, video RX, battery, DVR, mounting adapters... costs about only $700 or less.


YouTube Intro video:

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VuIR Lepton is a more economical version of the VuIR Boson, with everything remain almost the same except for the camera (FLIR Lepton vs. FLIR Boson). VuIR Lepton also is a standalone, self-powered, self-contained, drone agnostic, future proof... thermal package can be easily and quickly attached to and removed from a DJI Mavic 1, Mavic 2, Mavic Air, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 1 and other drones.

We make it very clear, that this is NOT meant for professional works (which you will need VuIR Boson or other VuIR Vue Pro for). But VuIR Lepton is still a valuable thermal vision system for beginners and someone who does simple works.

In the video, we provide ample actual footage from VuIR Lepton and detailed comparisons to the VuIR Lepton and VuIR Touch standard with a FLIR Vue Pro. You can see the difference between a Lepton with just 160 resolution 9hz rate and Boson/Vue Pro with resolutions 320/640 and fast rates 30/60hz.

We also introduce a theory to help you quickly estimate how far can you see things with a thermal camera. The actual math is a bit complicated, but the final approximation formula is a very simple one, which is directly proportionate to the resolution of camera, inverse of the FOV of Camera and size of the object you want to detect.
We published the formula as well as a calculator for you to conveniently calculate the distance yourselves. We also provide a comprehensive list of FOV of almost all FLIR Thermal cameras for drones. Everything is published here:


What's included:
- Thermal camera (Lepton 3.0 or 3.5)

- VuIR Lepton Fixed mount

- 1 VuIR Battery

- 1 VuIR Charger

- Built-in Video Transmitter (TX) 5.8ghz analog

- Separate matching video receiver (RX) 5.8ghz analog

- Built-in DVR video recorder

- Mounting adapter for ONE (1) drone ($25 extra for each extra drone)


What's NOT included - And these are the only things you will need to complete the thermal drone:

- The drone itself (Mavic Air, Mavic 1, Mavic 2, Phantom 4, Inspire 1... or another drone)

- An Android tablet for viewing thermal video

- Or if you prefer, add a Black Pearl monitor to the option to view video and you do NOT need an android tablet

- a Small micro SD card (8GB up to 32GB)

- Extra VuIR batteries (for additional run time)


That's all! 

VuIR Lepton - Cheapest Thermal System for drones (for beginners)

Extra VuIR batteries
Ground Thermal Monitor
FLIR Lepton options

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