VuIR Tab HD version for the FLIR biggest Thermal camera for drone so far: The DUO PRO R camera.


This is to make it mount to  Inspire 2/ Matrice 200/210/600/600 pro

and can be Handheld

Turn yours into a powerful thermal vision drone.

Now in HD Digital for Thermal Vision 


Link to the product discription page


Now with HD Digital video downlink and a Tablet app for viewing and controlling

Self-powered Thermal Gimmera System with Wearable Touch Screen controller for controlling all functions of the FLIR Vue Pro camera (Boson version coming soon). Easy snap on and off. Dual Visions: Thermal and Visible.

Advanced GPS Geotagging - You can now geotag Thermal imaging pictures through Geotagging feature of the VuIR Tab HD.


What's included

(everything you will need except the drone and FLIR camera)

- 3 axis gimbal + control system with

 + built-in HD digital video downlink

 + control wires for FLIR Vue Pro (or Boson in future version)

- HD video receiver (Ground unit)

- VuIR HD app for viewing and controlling thermal vision

- Samsung Tab A 8 inch tablet for running the app, coming with the app already installed and ready to use

- Adapter system for your specific drone (one set included - If you have more than one drone to mount, then extra costs for any additional set)

- Adapter system to mount 1 smart phone (phone provided by you) and the Samsung Tab A tablet on your DJI drone controller for dual visions

- 4 batteries (gimbal uses 1 or 2 batteries at a time - we recommend using only 1 if used on Phantoms to save weight)

- 1 battery dual-charger

- Carrying case

Optional and NOT included (addable in options at extra costs):

- Drone itself 

- FLIR Duo Pro R

- High-end All-in-one Tablet for running two apps (DJI Go and VuIR HD) at the same time for viewing and controlling both thermal and daylight visions.

VuIR Tab HD for FLIR Duo Pro R - Make budget saving Inspire 2 a Powerful M210

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