A complete mounting+control+analog video downlink system for FLIR Duo Pro R thermal imaging camera to mount on Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 1/2, Matrices...


VuIR Touch Lite comes with touch screen controller to control 3 PWM channels of the Camera, video downlink for Duo Pro R and ground monitor for viewing realtime thermal video.


The VuIR mount is NOT gimbalized due to the size and weight of the Duo Pro R camera. The tilt angle is manually adjustable pre-flight, from 0 degree (straight forward) to 90 degrees (straight down).


The purpose of the system is to allow users to mount the heavy Duo Pro R camera on a small drone like the Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+ and can still move it to a bigger drone like Inspire 1/Inspire 2/matrice 200/Matrice 600 or S900, S1000... with ease.


Just like other VuIR systems, VuIR Touch Lite is also a self-powered system with its own batteries (it will functions normally ouside of a drone). AND with the same quick-release quick-install adapter, it will snap on and off very quickly onto/from the drone.


Please distinguish between the run time of the VuIR Touch Lite system and the flight time of the drone carrying it. The run time is the time it will run continously with the set of the batteries (regardless of being mounted on the drone or not, while the flight time is the, well, flight time of the drone carrying the VuIR Touch Lite. We always make sure the run time is significantly longer than the flight time. On Phantom 4 Pro, the estimated flight time is about 12-13 min. on Inspire 2, it is longer.


What's included:

- 3.5in Multi-functions touch screen controller on the ground to control all 3 PWM channels of Duo Pro R with:
   + 1 rechargeable battery - run time: 2 hours+/battery

   + Built-in 2-way transceiver for talking with and controlling the VuIR Air end

   + OSD Telemetry for displaying battery level of the VuIR air end

- VuIR air end to mount on drone with:

   + Built-in 2-way tranceiver to receive control signals from the Touch screen controller and downlink telemetry info to controller

   + 1 set of 2 rechargeable batteries to power on (run time: 30min+)

   + 10-pin power+control cable plug for Duo Pro R camera

   + right angle adapter for GPS antenna for tight space light on Phantom 4 Pro

   + built-in 5.8ghz Analog video downlink to transmit video signal to Black Pearl monitor 

 - 7 in Black Pearl Monitor for viewing realtime thermal video straight from Duo Pro R on the fly   

- Battery charger (both ground and air end use the same type of battery and the charger will charge them all).

- Mounting hardware for the one drone you choose (Each additionall drone costs $50 extra).

- Mounting hardware to mount dual monitors (the black pearl monitor and a smartphone) on your DJI controller. (Black Pearl for Thermal video, Smartphone for DJI Go App and DJI camera)

 - GPS antenna mount


What's NOT included:

- The camera Duo Pro R itself (can be added in the options, from $5199 extra)

- The drone itself (from $1499 extra)


What else will you need to complete this:

Nothing else! If you already have the drone and camera, the VuIR Touch Lite here is all you will need.




VuIR Touch Lite for FLIR Duo Pro R on Phantom 4 and bigger drones

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