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Language Learning Tips

Some tips:

1) Be physically and mentally prepared to listen to the native of your target language. In general, most people don't listen in a conversation, some of them are preparing what they are going to say next or think about something else if the conversation is boring. Listening is a skill, it's something that you learn. You can hear that doesn't mean that you can listen.

2) Listen carefully to TV, DVDs, Radio in your target language. In order to not be distracted when i need help with homework don't put the subtitles in your native language. This is available when you work on your listening skills. Because when you put the subtitles when you watch a DVD, your mind will be focused on the reading and not on the listening.

3) Exercise your ears to different accents in your native language. If I go to some regions in France, people may not understand when I speak because even if I speak the same language, since I have a different accent than theirs, some people won't understand me because their ears are not trained to different accents. It happened to me.

When I came to America, I was familiar with the Carribbean accent and the British accent ... the American accent was a barrier for me to fully understand what people were saying. I had to train my ears to different American accents by watching the news and focus on conversations.

Expose your ears to conversations and give your brain the time to process the new data. The brain will do most of the job for you.

4) If you decide to work on your listening skills during an interaction. Please ask homework questions online free and don't talk a lot but focus on listening.

Wanna improve my French listening skills, can anyone recommend me some good sites? I m an intermediate French learner...wanna improve my French listening skills, can anyone recommend me some good sites? thanks in advance.

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According to help with mathematics homework experts what is a good TV series or movie, or short film series that would be good for getting practice at listening to spoken Spanish?We had this " Sol y Viento" short movie clip series during the uni semester, that was specifically designed for Spanish students, anyone know anything similar? I don't like Sol y Viento lol.Or any kind of program or anything that you might know of.Love you.EDIT Btw I will be posting this again at a time when more Americans are online because I notice that is the time of day when there are most Spanish questions and answers, so if you see this question pop up again, that's why.More resources:

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