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VuIR Lepton for Beginners


Self-powered, Convenient Mounting system for FLIR Lepton 3.0 or 3.5 with Radiometry on your DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic AIR, Mavic Pro, Phantoms, Inspires....

Self-powered Thermal System for DJI Mavic 2, Mavic Air, DJI Mavic Pro and other drones. Easy snap on and off. Leave all DJI Mavic sensors clear to use. No extension legs needed. Dual Visions: Thermal and Visible.


Great features 


- Won't block any of the DJI Sensors (front, rear AND downward)!
- Lightweight system

- DJI Gimbal mountable for smoother footage and remote control of tilt angle
- VERY Easy to remove and install: just snap on and off
- Runs on its own battery -> No need to mess with Mavic
- Great for flying even indoors
- Long 20 minutes of flight time on Mavic Pro & 13 Minutes on Mavic Air
- Dual Visions (DJI 4K and Thermal)
- Comes with its own Video Downlink for thermal video from FLIR Boson
- Built-in DVR for video recording
- Tilt angle manually adjustable....



With a quick mount, thermal mount VuIR Lepton can be easily and quickly attached/removed: ideal for setting up for the job and unpacking for storing in the existing carrying case of backpack. All of this convenience makes it ideal for any type of job, from casual once-in-a-while to frequent constant thermal imaging works.

DJI Gimbal mountable

The Lepton case is removable to be mounted on DJI gimbals, such as those of the Phantom 4 Pro or Inspire 1. This gives you much more stable and smoother footage. Also you can control the tilting angle remotely using DJI controller

Mobile - Versatile - Future-proof

It runs on its own rechargeable battery, no need to extract the power from the drone. No modifications to the drone needed = peace of mind on the drone warranty. It can be handheld or transferred to other drones or systems. Increased utility, reduced idle time: you'll get much more out of your investment. Future-proof protects your investment: if you need upgrading the drone, VuIR still functions.

Radiometry with Lepton 3.5

Package comes standards with Lepton 3.0. If you upgrade to Lepton 3.5, you will have radiometry, meaning temperature reading in real time.

Top mounting won't affect sensors

With our design, the Lepton is mounted on top of the Mavic and thus will not affect any of the Sensors or GPS. This making flying indoor or outdoor with the Mavic/Mavic Air loaded with VuIR Lepton is still easy as if nothing was added to it. Also no leg extensions are needed saving a lot deploying and packing up time.

Dual Visions

With its own Thermal Video monitor, you will have dual visions, thermal and visible (through the drone's camera), simultaneously. The HD visible live video from the Mavic/Mavic Air gives you visual aid for flying and help you make better sense of  the VuIR thermal imaging in real time. The dual visions greatly enhance the efficiency of the inspection compared to when only thermal vision is used.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 3.56.25 PM.png
Tech specs


VuIR battery duration: 25-30 minutes per charge (which outlasts the flight time of the drone itself)

Mount System weight with everything (and camera): 90 grams

Flight time of Mavic loaded with VuIR Lepton: 20 minutes, and 13+ minutes for Mavic Air.


- Built-in video downlink:

   + Frequencies: 5.8ghz

   + Power: 600mw

   + Video Range: about 1 - 2 miles LOS (line of sight).

- Lepton 3.0:

    + Resolution 160 x 120

    + Slow rate: 9hz

- Lepton 3.5:

    + With Radiometry

    + Resolution 160 x 120

    + Slow rate 9hz

Note: VuIR Lepton is Recommended only for simple works
For Professional works, use at least VuIR Boson or better (like VuIR Touch or Tab HD with FLIR Vue Pro)
Watch the YouTube video above through for much more information and see actual footage
Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 3.56.25 PM
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