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VuIR Touch Standard


Now works for

Phantom 3/4/Pro/Pro+

Inspire 1/2

Matrice 100/200/210/600/600 pro

and can be Handheld

Turn yours into a powerful thermal vision drone.

Now More Versatile than any ever before 

Self-powered Thermal Gimmera System with Wearable Touch Screen controller for controlling all functions of the FLIR Vue Pro camera. Easy snap on and off. Dual Visions: Thermal and Visible.

Mobile - Versatile - Future-proof

It runs on its own rechargeable battery, no need to extract the power from the drone. No modifications to the drone needed = peace of mind on the drone warranty. It can be handheld or transferred to other drones or systems. Increased utility, reduced idle time: you'll get much more out of your investment. Future-proof protects your investment: if you need upgrading the drone, VuIR still functions.


With a quick mount, gimmera can be easily and quickly attached/removed: ideal for setting up for the job and unpacking for storing in the existing carrying case of backpack. All of this convenience makes it ideal for any type of job, from casual once-in-a-while to frequent constant thermal imaging works.



The radio communication at 900mhz will not interfere with the main drone radio and HD video, while having the reliability and long ranges of communication. The built-in telemetry will tell you the battery level as displayed on the controller screen, together with the battery level of the controller. You will know when it's time to change the battery. Durations on a single charge: 2+ hours for the controller, and 25-30 mins for the gimmera, which actually outlasts the flight time of the drone itself.

Touch screen & Wearable control

A revolutionized way to control the system. It's so compact that you can mount on top of the Phantom controller, or even wear it on your wrist and switch around quickly on the fly. No more bulky and clumsy second controller. Transporting and storing are much easier, leaving more space for other important gears. Ease of use means you can pay more attention to the actual inspection job itself, boosting your efficiency of your work.

Multiple functions

No more sacrifice of one function for another. Now you can control all the functions the Vue Pro has to offer:

 - Tilt & roll the gimbal for perfect viewing angles

 - Change color palettes of Vue Pro

 - Record thermal video. Take thermal pictures or time lapse.

 - Do digital zoom of the thermal imagery

 - Recalibrate the camera (FFC/NUC), ROI or Scene.

Tech specs


Radio frequency: 900mhz

 + Communication range: up to 9 miles

Gimmera battery duration: 25-30 minutes per charge (which outlasts the flight time of the drone itself)

Controller battery duration: 2+ hours per charge

Gimbal: 2-axis gimbal, with tilt and roll

Gimmera weight with everything (and camera): 390 grams

Controller weight with battery: 200 grams.

Flight time of Phantom 4 loaded with VuIR Touch P4 and Vue Pro: 14-15 minutes.


Recommended for FLIR Vue Pro with lens size up to 19mm.


Built-in video downlink:

 + Frequencies: 5.8ghz

     + Power: 600mw

 + Video Range: about 1 - 2 miles LOS (line of sight).

Good CG and flight time

With our design, Center of Gravity of the whole loaded drone is well maintained compared to the unloaded drone: near even loads on the motors = more stable flights and more flight time than other ill-designed solutions. The fully loaded Phantom will fly from 15-17 minutes

Dual Visions

With its own Thermal Video monitor, you will have dual visions, thermal and visible (through the drone's camera), simultaneously. The HD visible live video from the Phantom gives you visual aid for flying and help you adjust the VuIR for best angles. The dual visions greatly enhance the efficiency of the inspection compared to when only thermal vision is used.

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